Issues connecting to AWS East from NYI

We are currently seeing packet loss and latency when connecting to AWS East from our NYC and NJ data centers. This appears to be due to an issue between Zayo and AWS, which they are attempting to resolve.

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NYI Scheduled Maintenance: 999 Frontier Road

NYI has scheduled maintenance for this coming weekend.

Facility: 999 Frontier Road
Maintenance Window: Sunday, October 18th, 9am – 1pm Eastern Time
Expected Service Impact: Minimal


NYI will be performing upgrades on core switches at our 999 Frontier Road facility this weekend. Some customers may see a brief session flap, with no significant related downtime. Most customers are expected to see no service impact whatsoever.

NYI will update when work begins, and again when work is completed.

EDIT: Please note that we have changed the maintenance window start time from 1PM to 9AM Eastern.

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Hurricane Joaquin

NYI is closely monitoring the status of Joaquin and the other systems set to converge on the east coast of the US. All generators have been tested and fuel levels have been topped up. Personnel contingency plans have been discussed and are ready to be put into place at any time. We will continue to update as events progress. If you have any storm-related questions, or any other issues, please go ahead and open a ticket at

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NY1 Elevator Maintenance

On Sunday, May 17th, the building will be performing maintenance on the high-rise elevators at 100 William Street that will limit passenger elevator access to the 21st floor data center at times during the day. If you intend to perform any on-site work, it is recommend to open a ticket and have our staff handle it for you, or to reschedule for another day.

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NYIIX Issues

NYIIX is current having some issues. While they continue to trouble-shoot, we have routed around that peering point. If you observe any packet loss or latency in the meantime, please open a ticket at

UPDATE: All NYIIX issues have since been corrected.

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Winter Storm Juno

In preparation for the upcoming winter storm:

  • * All generators have been tested.
  • * Fuel supplies have been topped off.
  • * Additional staff have been scheduled, with all personnel on call from now through the duration of the storm.
  • * Supplies to keep staff-members well-fueled have also been topped of

We’ll post any status updates that occur as a result of this storm to

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NJ1: Power restored

PSE&G completed their repairs around 12:30PM today, and utility power was restored shortly after. After verifying the stability of the power, we switched back to utility power around 1:30PM. All power infrastructure continues to operate normally.

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NJ1 Status Update

We are remaining on generator power while the line crews continue repairs. We have been given a rough estimate of two hours for the completion of those repairs.

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NJ1: Frontier Road Re-Opened

Frontier Road has been re-opened and access to NJ1 is again available. We are remaining on generator power at this time while we await further updates from PSE&G.

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NJ1: Frontier Road Temporarily Closed

Earlier this evening lightening struck a transformer along Frontier Road. Fire crews are currently work on putting out the fire, and Frontier Road is temporarily closed to all non-emergency traffic.

As a precautionary measure, we have switched over to generator power at 999 Frontier Road.

We’ll continue to update as we find out more on the fire suppression and transformer repair.

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